ALLOY5109 - Responsive and sweet. Using a newly developed alloy for electric guitar use, these strings have greater than ever magnetic properties thereby increasing their tone, sustain and projection. A microscopic coating adds to their lifespan, corrosion resistance and decreased fret wear. Also, the proportion of winding to core size has been increased which ups the string vibration without lowering the output. Each set undergoes excellent quality control, so you can be assured of string reliability and consistency each time you purchase a set of Alloy 5109 strings.


“Hi just sending feedback on sfarzo bass strings I purchased from you at guitar show in Urmston. Put them on Jazz Bass and blown away by improved tone and volume. Best strings I’ve ever had on my Bass”.

– Tom Morgan

“Used Sfarzo strings for the first time at a gig last night. Amazing. They kept their tune better, felt better and have better tone than anything I have used before. I recommend that you get some of these”.

– Mike Grubert

“I have re-strung with your strings and am very  impressed!”

– Judd Lufthouse

Current Stock:
Width: 6.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 0.25

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Alloy 5109 Bass Strings

I have been using these on my bass guitars for years now...They feel great on the neck and deliver massive sounding tones....Grab a set and hear for yourself or better yet give them all a try.....You cant go wrong with Sfarzo strings!