99.7 Pure Nickel winding. True vintage sound that works well on all electric guitars. Especially noticeable on single coil pickups. A rich and thick tone. VERY long life. Excellent for Blues types of playing.

I had been using ********* pure nickels (11 – 48) for a while, but what frustrated me about them was the G string, compared to the B & E strings was noticeably louder! so when playing these three strings I was compensating by striking the B & E strings slightly harder. My Compressor didn’t even out this difference in volume. ANYWAY…..THIS PROBLEM IS NOW CURED.  The sound level from ALL of the strings, when played is EVEN. Sfarzo V’s are a joy to play! That in itself has convinced that I have at last found the strings for me. String noise is really much lower and the general playability is also so much better. ITS A WIN WIN STRING!! LOL Many thanks for now Bob

– Bob Longhurst



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Width: 4.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 0.25

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