We start by using a high quality core wire and the best wrap wire money can buy. First, the wire is first cryogenic frozen below -320 degrees then brought to room temperature. This process changes the molecular structure of the string eliminating most of the impurities which results in a stronger metal alloy for durability.  Then assembled into a perfect wound string. 

Current Stock:
Width: 4.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 0.25
Touchtone Acoustic Cryo gauges *

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Acoustic Touchtones - AMAZING!!!

These strings are AMAZING. I am new to SFARZO acoustic strings and just recently tried out the Touchtones. Oh MAN what a difference and I will not use anything else from now on! First time playing through these was today during rehearsal, our drummer walked up and literally thought I changed my pre-amp to my acoustic guitar. I love my Taylor guitar, and I have never heard it like this (no kidding I played intros and just stopped because of the sound improvement and COULD NOT believe it). The feel of the strings were comfortable, where these strings shine is the overall tone. On my Taylor, it gave me sparkle on the high end and a perfect balance of bass and mid-range equaling perfection in my book. Try these, I think you'll like them.....