v-strings-1600x900.jpgHand-Wrapped | Hand-Wound | Hand-Made VINTAGE TECHNOLOGY Focused on that old Vintage Sound. Maximum output, harmonic response, and ultimate flexibility! A specially designed alloy combines several other components for extra long life, durability, and low fret-wear.


“Very, very good – balance excellent, harmonics abound all over the fretboard, string bending was superb, as was the feel – very slick. You can get them to howl beautifully. Output was noticeably higher to the extent that I had to reduce my pre-amp settings to avoid over driving. The lower tension makes playing much easier. Also, importantly for me, they have lasted well. The difference in the sound of these strings compared to any others I have ever used is pronounced. Rich tones from bass to treble and a unique character of their own improved about 80% of the patches on my rig without adjustment. I have never had another string which has had such a pronounced change in the sound and playability of my guitar (bought circa 1979).
They spoil you for anything else, and they make you think you’re a much better guitarist than you are”!
– Chaz14199396-747081488764907-1211287638228684858-n.jpg
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Width: 4.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 0.25

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